2015’s Most Attractive Mobile Technologies That You Should Not Miss

Looking forward to latest and eye-catching mobile technologies? 2015 has everything for you as this year a lot of mobile technologies will be introduced. Go through this blog and see what 2015 holds for you.

Here, we are in the third month of the year, and people can’t take their eyes-off as a lot of innovative mobile technologies are introducing one-by-one. Across the world, techies are eagerly waiting for upcoming Wi-Fi standards, updated UE design, Google Glass, Apple iWatch and more.

2015 has a lot of innovative mobile technologies that will surely make you stun. For mobile technologies, 2015 could be a successful year, but it is not easy to estimate that how these products can change the business and consumer world.

Therefore, we have listed 2015’s most attractive Mobile technologies that you should not miss to check-out, so you can go through it and check highly anticipated mobile technologies that are gracing this year:

Google Glass:

Google Glass

Whenever any tech discussion goes on, the name of Google Glass surely comes into everyone’s mind. Currently, the product is going through an extremely rigorous testing, and it has only been released in the US market, and it is set to be released in other regions of the country by mid 2015.

However, the capabilities of this innovative glass described as the best due to mind numbing. It will be completely fun-loving to see all the businesses incorporating it into their daily processes. You can picture a smart device that places the web and various smartphone dead center in your view as you can view the world.

Apple iWatch:

Apple iWatch

Apple Still has not confirmed the exact release date of Apple iWatch, but it’s slated for release sometime in spring next year. For all the busy users, who want the smooth device and industry growing power of the iPhone in a flexible smartwatch, Apple’s iWatch is perfect for them.

Although, competitors have their own particular smart watches, having access to all iPhone features in a great wrist watch. Businesses everywhere are going to be pleased with having smart-phone capabilities to their wrists as the possibilities are quite probable.

Advanced UE Design:

Advanced UE Design

We all know that some of the best mobile applications provide a great user experience – attained by some techniques and methodologies like quiet and simple” design or “playful and casual” interfaces.

A lot of designers are there, who are working on making applications that take into account some mobile challenges like partial user attention, interruption and some others that feature a particular “wow” factor, augmented reality for instance.

Upcoming Wi-Fi Standards:

Upcoming Wi-Fi Standards

One of the best things that is coming this year is new Wi-Fi standards. Standards like 11ad, 802.11ac and 11ah will increase the performance of Wi-Fi in the coming year and make it a good selection of telemetry apps along with equipping Wi-Fi with new services.

In the upcoming years, Wi-Fi infrastructures will need to shoulder more demands as various Wi-Fi devices are implemented in entities, cellular transfer becomes more mainstream. Apps like location sensing need denser access-point installations.



As we all know that HTML5 currently airs a lot of security and implementation risks, but it is only necessary that as HTML5 matures over time along with its tools. As it matures, the popularity of its hybrid and mobile web applications increases. Apart from these challenges, HTML5 development will be a highly required technology that is especially useful for businesses providing applications across several platforms.



When it comes to LTE’s successor LTE (Long Term Evolution) Advanced, it is a cellular technology, which boosts spectral efficiency and has the capability to push cell phone networks to speak down-link speeds of nearly 1Gbps with reduced latency. If you are one of those mobile users, who always desire for bandwidth, LTE-A is the answer as the device  comes with new features like LTE Broadcast that allows network operators to begin offering new services.

High-Imprecision Location Sensing:

Being a capable enough to provide contextual and relevant information and services to particular individuals, needs the location information to even a few meters. Applications that can pinpoint your actual indoor location are using technologies like ultrasonic beacons, geomagnetic, imaging and Wi-Fi.

Day-by-day, the use of wireless beacons has been increasing constantly specially with the new Bluetooth Smart standard. In a short period of time, technologies like smart lighting are likely to be in the limelight. Indoor location will boost to another generation of highly personalized services.

Thus, above mentioned impressive mobile technologies will soon land in the market, so techies should make themselves ready for these high-end technologies.


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