Google Introduces Human App Review Process, Like Apple, Age Ratings System

Finally, Google has launched an update that is sure to make some of the parents happy – age ratings. After answering some of the important questions like whether their app contains any nudity or curse words – developers got an automated rating, which enables them to avoid too much red tape.

As they said that the ratings will be monitored to try to band out inappropriate ones after they are submitted. Across the world, the ratings will be adjusted based on local standards – an application, which might be right for children in UK; however, not okay in the US.

Usually, ratings are based off of the ESRB standards, which are seen on games in North American, however, in Europe, PEGI is used. The regions without an established rating authority will get a generic age rating.

With this change, developers will get an ability to easily communicate and locally relevant content rating to their users and help in enhancing app discovery and engagement by allowing them to choose content is right for them.

However, if you are looking forward to maintaining your applications’ availability on Google Play, you can sign in to the Developer Console and complete the new rating questionnaire for every single app.

All the apps that are without a completed rating questionnaire will be marked as “Unrated” and may be blocked, in particular, territories or for particular users. At the beginning of May, all the new applications and updates as well as existing apps will require a completed questionnaire before they can be published on Google Play.

A Process of Reviewing an App for better protecting users

Google Introduces Human App Review Process

Some months ago, the company begun to review applications before they are published on Google Play to better protect the community and enhance the app catalog. This is one such process that requires a team of professionals, who are responsible for recognizing violations of developer policies earlier in the app life cycle.

The company also said that it values the rapid innovation and process, which is exclusive to Google Play. It will also help developers to get their products to market within a matter of hours after submission instead of days or weeks. During the rollout, there must be no broad change for developers.

The company also said that it also rolled out enhancements to the way it handles publishing status to assist in this effort and offer more transparency to developers. These days, developers profound perception into why apps are rejected. They can easily solve the issues and resubmit their apps for minor policy violations.

From last one year, the company has paid approximately $7 billion to developers and are excited to see the ecosystem grow and innovate. The company also said that it would continue to develop tools and services that foster this growth and help the developer community develop successful businesses.

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