What Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer?

Want to hire an experienced developer for your project and wanted to know what does it cost to hire a developer? Go through this blog and a huge information on it that will help you to know that how much cost to you.”

When it comes to developing a mobile application, all you may think that what does it cost to hire a professional application developer. Generally, costs are mainly dependent on how difficult and complex the application is to develop and how much of its design is tailored and how much experienced and skillful your developer is?

However, there are some of the simple analogies, which we find making it a lost simpler for all those people to comprehend the full process of making an application – the architect and the novelist.


GeographyOne of the best things about oDesk’s platform is its a global online work platform, where different businesses and professionals can connect and collaborate remotely. It gives a wonderful opportunity to recruit those developers, who are economic country, where the cost of living is extremely less than in Western economics. For instance – A professional and experienced developer in Sydney charges an hourly rate of $140/hr.

While a developer in Russia is happy to charge less then $40-$50/hr because the living expenses in that country are lower. However, it is also helpful for your development team to work in the same time zone as there are a lot of benefits to have a distributed team like 24*7 working hours. To develop a high-end, well-designed mobile application, geographical separation is no hindrance.



Let’s take an example of a novelist, who sits with blank mind on the first day of writing, so you can think of your coder, who only have a blank screen with a flashing cursor first day.

All the things that will be appeared in your application, visually and functionally, has to be written in code. Therefore, it is must for coder to spend hours drafting these lines of code. There will always be a least amount of time involved.

However, the first important thing that you have to consider is that if your budget is limited, you have to ease what you will make, centering one major feature. You should also be ready to integrate existing interface designs and the code that already exists and might be available through open source so that developer can easily incorporate it in the app.

Platform & Type

Platform & Type

In the below given table, we recognize some of the well-known applications by category, figuring a lot of hours each might take an experienced developer to build for an iPhone and android device.

In this table, you can see a separated platform as the open Android environment is more diverse as compare to Apple’s that makes it at least a third more expensive to develop for. The increment in the expense for Android is due to testing the application over multiple different devices and versions of the operating system.

Type of App


Apple (hrs)

Android (hrs)

Simple app

Everything installed on the device, built using templates/drop down menus



Database-supported app

Data stored on a server/database integration, uses a Backend as a Service (BaaS)



Enterprise app

Business integration; data stored on device + server



Game app

Single/multiplayer etc.



Source: oDesk

There are a lot of different ways to decrease an extra amount of work that involved; therefore, the lower the costs, supporting particular versions of OS and devices. Stay connected with us to get more information on hiring a professional mobile app developer and its related solutions.


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