Apple’s iOS 9 – 7 Incredible & New Features to Check-out

Last night at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple declared an exclusive range of features that will be coming to iPhone and iPads.

Are you feeling excited to know what new features you are going to see on your desirable Apple gadgets?

Let’s have a look at the best and new features of iOS 9 that you can see on your iPhones and iPads:

Multitasking on iPads –

Multitasking on iPads

There are numerous features that have been incorporated in the iOS 9 and the first important one is QuickType Keyboard that includes handy copy, cut, paste tools to the suggestion bar along with the capability to access the camera, formatting and attachments.

Users just need to make use of two fingers on the keyboard and it will become a track pad, enabling them to easily choose the text you want – that is something little tricky in iOS 8. Moreover, there are also Spilt View, Picture in Picture and Slide Over that offer a lot of multi-tasking options.

Using this new feature, users can split screen applications on the iPad, related to feature obtainable on Windows and some Android tablets. Moreover, it also unveils a trackpad built into the on-screen keyboard, reachable by putting two fingers on the keyboard and allowing fine control over the cursor. It also adds instant application switching similar to OS X while using physical keyboards.

Siri Goes Proactive –

Siri Goes Proactive

In the upcoming iOS 9, the most important renovates is with Siri. The digital voice assistant of Siri has got a colorful facelift, but what’s going on behind the scenes that is interesting. Now, users can experience content in an excellent way with the new interface.

Now, Siri is capable enough to comprehend a lot of requests. A lot of examples have been shown while the keynote like “show me my photos from Utah last August”, “play the top songs from 1982” through Apple Music.

Until now, Siri has been a hasty service; however, that has been changed in iOS 9. Now, its Apple’s answer to Google, Now with context sensitive information based on time, location and date.

Battery Performance –

Battery Performance

As we all know that there is no clear battery saving mode in iOS 8. To turn off data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and etc, you are left to your own devices in order to try and conserve power.

In iOS 9, that changes with the introduction of a low power mode that Apple claims to offer users with three additional hours of typical usage. In fact, iOS 9 enhance general performance with the company says that it offers users an extra one hour of full usage over devices running iOS 8.

App Switching –

App Switching

The company added shortcuts to the multi-tasking pane in iOS 8; however, the big application previews means it is quite difficult to see just how many applications you are running. But this time company has enhanced in iOS 9 with application previews now appearing as stacked cards, enabling you to flip through open apps far more easily and instantly.

Apple Pay –

Apple Pay

Naturally, Apple Pay has been boosted with iOS 9 by the company, but it is still only supported on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We all are aware of Apple Pay on iOS 8 that  is compatible with a US bank cards, but that supports gets, complete with iOS 9 to more offers, comprising Discover.

Users can add store credit and debit cards with iOS 9. Moreover, these stored in “Wallet”, the new name for “Passbook” in iOS 9.

Apple Maps –

Apple Maps

With iOS 8, there were not a lot of changes to Apple Maps as there were some minor changes. When it comes to talking about iOS 9, the company brings an important upgrade to the application in the form of Transit. Now, maps can easily show train, walking information, bus and more with different routing options like Google Maps.

More Free Space –

More Free Space

When it comes to talking about downloading and installing iOS 9, there is good news for all the people as Apple has decreased its size. We all know that in the iOS 8 over the air update was a heavy about 4.6GB download that created a number of problems for users with space on their devices. The iOS 9 download is just about 1.3 GB that must be more manageable.

So, these are the top 7 features of iOS 9 that users will enjoy in their iPhones and iPads. You guys stay connected with us to get more information on iOS 9 and its related solutions as here we will keep updating top news about the platform.

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