Top 6 Upcoming Android Applications That You Can’t Afford To Miss

“Today, android users are extremely confused when it comes to download a right and perfect android application. There are lots of upcoming android apps that you can check-out in this blog and download them in near future. Go through this blog and let us know if we miss any important app!”

Every year, thousands of new Android applications have been launched by developers in order to make user’s life a lot easier and hassle-free. However, it is not necessary that every launched application is worth downloading for you.

Sometimes, you may feel disappointed from any application and regret wasting your money on it. Therefore, selecting a right application for your device is must for you as you will get a lot of features to enjoy. Continue reading


NextBit, a System-level Modification, Declared By Cyanogen

“Recently, Cyanogen has added a new feature NextBit to its operating system, allowing users to automatically syncs all your applications and games so that they can continue what they were doing on the device. To get more information on this feature, continue reading this blog.”

Cyanogen has added a new and exclusive feature called NextBit to its operating system that declared by the company today. When it comes to talk about NextBit, it is a system-level modification, which automatically syncs your applications as well as games, so users can easily continue what they were doing on their device.

This is the best feature that works extremely easily – for an example, if you are playing a game on your smart-phone and you also have that game on your tablet, NextBit enables you to sync your game play data from your phone to your tablet. Continue reading

Best of October 2014 – 10 New Android Apps That Make You Smarter Than Before

Do you have hobby of downloading latest android applications in your smart device every month? This post is especially written for you as we have gathered 10 excellent and the most popular Android applications of October, 2014 that surely enhance productivity of your smart device. Check it out and download now.

Purchased the new smart device and now wanted to download some latest Android applications? You have come to the right place as here, we have collected some marvelous and latest android apps for your device that surely enhances its productivity. So, go through this post to collect your favorite app now. Continue reading

4 Successful Approaches to Develop Apps for Android Device

Android becomes the hottest choice of millions of users. Increase in Android OS popularity leads to increase in demand for development of android apps. There are many business owners to leverage on Android app development for promoting their brand among android users.

Apart from, one more reason to go for android operating system is it supported by Google, a leading search engine. Users can easily download android application from Google Play Store. Continue reading