Adobe Air – A splendid Tool to Make Cross-Platform Development Easy

“Now, developing cross-platform mobile application for your mobile becomes extremely easy as Adobe Air is one of the best tools that help you in developing applications. In this blog, you can get more information on this tool, so go through it.”

For developing platform-independent web applications, Adobe AIR is a developer’s tool that can be used to run on a user’s desktop. Using this high-end technology tool, users can develop AIR applications with the help of HTML, AJAX and the AIR software development kit.

When it comes to talk about the popular AIR applications, it includes desktop clients for micro-blogging services like desktop RSS readers and Twitter. However, AIR code is developed using a client-side model that can be used for developing desktop applications, which data over a network, but execute locally. Continue reading


3 Easy Yet Effective Ways To Make a Cross-platform Game For Mobiles

“If you are looking to develop a cross-platform mobile game, this blog can help you out as it contains easy ways to develop a successful cross-platform game without any hassle. You can also share your views on it by commenting below.”

Today, you can find lots of studios that are trying to build and release games for both mobile as well as PC platforms. However, it is fair to say that lots of such efforts are not going off without any snag. No matter whether it is the business model injected into each version of the game or simply the control scheme for either platform, it is quite difficult for people to build the perfect game for both mobile and PC. Continue reading