Google Introduces Human App Review Process

Google Introduces Human App Review Process, Like Apple, Age Ratings System

Finally, Google has launched an update that is sure to make some of the parents happy – age ratings. After answering some of the important questions like whether their app contains any nudity or curse words – developers got an automated rating, which enables them to avoid too much red tape.

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NextBit, a System-level Modification, Declared By Cyanogen

“Recently, Cyanogen has added a new feature NextBit to its operating system, allowing users to automatically syncs all your applications and games so that they can continue what they were doing on the device. To get more information on this feature, continue reading this blog.”

Cyanogen has added a new and exclusive feature called NextBit to its operating system that declared by the company today. When it comes to talk about NextBit, it is a system-level modification, which automatically syncs your applications as well as games, so users can easily continue what they were doing on their device.

This is the best feature that works extremely easily – for an example, if you are playing a game on your smart-phone and you also have that game on your tablet, NextBit enables you to sync your game play data from your phone to your tablet. Continue reading

Hire Android Application developer

What are the Business Prospective of Android Apps Development?

Currently, the market is full of different mobile platforms and smart-phones that can give a huge impact on one’s business. From lots of mobile platforms and smart-phones, Android is one of the most widely used platforms that secures its place in the plenty of smart-phones and tablets.

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